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Housing association tenants can now buy their own homes under new scheme

In an historic first, housing association tenants are now able to purchase their own homes under a new scheme.

How e-learning can help you discover new skills

As we go through life, there are many skills we may wish to acquire. How to cook, play guitar, ride a bike or even learn a complex language.

Tips on how to boost feedback within the workplace

Providing your team with good feedback can not only boost morale in the workplace, it can also increase productivity, which in turn contributes to the success of a company or organisation.

Cyber Security - online training

Information Security breaches cost companies millions of pounds a year. Many breaches can be accidentally triggered by individuals within the organisation.

Join us in the Housing Peer Group

Virtual College has created the Housing Peer Group to provide an informal network of staff who work within this sector and face common challenges.

Councils must meet accessible demand

Across the UK, fewer than ten per cent of local authorities have plans for the accessible housing demands of local people, according to the housing association Habinteg.

Managing through change - Time Management

The final guide of the series, 'Managing through change - Time Management'

6 ways in which e-learning can assist the housing sector

The last few years have been a difficult time for housing associations, as a combination of government policies and an uncertain economy have stretched budgets to the extreme.

Home ownership at lowest levels since 2002

Research highlights that homeownership in major English cities, especially Manchester, is at its lowest levels since the early 2000s.

Housing sector restructure - how can e-learning help in the current climate?

The South Wales Learning & Development Network is made up of a group of learning and development professionals.
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